Augmented Reality in an Enhanced Command and Control Application

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 50, Issue 2, p.180-192 (2021)


augmented reality, command and control, mobile application


Having timely information about the combat situation is crucial both in conducting military operations of various scales and in training personnel. The level of complexity of existing military command and control systems is limited to visualization, primarily using tactical symbols. The current state of information and computer technologies allows achieving a qualitative leap in the level of perception with the application of “augmented reality.” Peer-to-peer information technology enhances cognitive ability by adding additional, meaningful graphical and text information to a real-time image. Saturation with high-performance mobile devices and the powerful entry of wireless digital networks into the military activity makes it possible to use the technology to the level of an individual fighter on the battlefield. In this article, the authors reflect on the peculiarities of applying augmented reality visualization in the performance of tactical tasks, determining appropriate methods for integrating visual and texts information, offering a model of information interaction with an augmented reality application. They propose a software architecture of a specialized mobile application and present the results of its practical implementation.