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Information for Editors

Ethical Responsibilities of the ISIJ Editorial Board

At the time of the evaluation of a manuscript submitted for publication in Information & Security: An International Journal, the Editorial Board must take into consideration the following ethical standards:

  1. Manuscripts will always be evaluated only based on their intellectual merit and contribution to the aims and scope of Information & Security: An International Journal, as the Editorial Board adheres to standards of fairness, integrity, and objectivity.
  2. The Editorial Board ensures the confidentiality of the manuscript and related materials submitted by the authors to Information & Security: An International Journal. The manuscript and related materials will only be disclosed to the corresponding author, reviewers, and the publisher.
  3. The Editorial Board ensures that unpublished materials revealed in a submitted manuscript will not be used by the members of the Editorial Board who had access to the manuscript during the review/publication process for any other purpose other than the Editorial process without the consent of the author(s).