Dependable Computing Systems in Support of Transformation of the Force Information Infrastructure

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 22, p.75-91 (2007)


3M-Conception, Dependable Computing System, Force Information Infrastructure


This article analyzes the approaches related to dependable computing systems and Force Information Infrastructure creation out of undependable compo­nents (systems). Taxonomies of dependable systems and stages of dependable sys­tems paradigms evolution are discussed. A life-cycle model and principles of de­velopment and assessment of dependable systems by means of multi-version tech­nologies are considered. Some general tasks and methods for providing and man­aging dependability are analyzed. The Models, Techniques and Tools Infrastructure for supporting transformation of the Force Information Infrastructure is proposed. Warfighter Information Network (WIN) development is considered in this article as an example of the principles of using dependable computing systems implementa­tion to support transformation of the Force Information Infrastructure.