Distributed Ledger-Based Trustful Information Exchange on the Tactical Level

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


DIGILIENCE 2020 (2020)


<p>Fast, secure, and tamper-proof information sharing between NATO units on a need-to-know basis is crucial. Data quality and integrity are core needs but al-so resilience to failures and manipulations. The core idea of this paper is to use distributed ledger technology to allow a secure information exchange between Command and Control Information Systems of different NATO nations and non-NATO stakeholders such as non-NATO nations or mission observers. Moreover, the distributed ledger supports available NATO standards and formats for data exchange and storage.</p><p>This paper is included in the program of the Second Scientific Conference &quot;Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Resilience <a href="https://digilience.org/content/digilience-2020-program">DIGILIENCE 2020</a> and will be published in the post-conference volume.</p>