Establishing an Air Pollution Monitoring Network for Industrial Regions: A Probabilistic Approach

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 28, Issue 1, Number 6, p.79-86 (2012)


Environmental safety, location, monitoring network, monitoring station, pollution detection., probability of emission detection, risk management, unified information system


The paper examines the issue of establishing a monitoring network for regions with highly developed industrial infrastructure. The goal is to create a unified information and analytical system that would provide for efficient environmental risk management. These results are part of a multi-year research project pursuing the ultimate goal of enhanced ecological safety in industrialised regions. We build on studies initiated by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research which, however, requires a large number of monitoring stations to measure the flows of pollutants with fine-scale spatial variability. In our approach we emphasise the power of the probabilistic approach to defining the location of monitoring stations and consequent efficient risk management.