The Multi-Role NATO-Interoperable Light Weight Torpedo for the 21st Century

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 13, p.89-97 (2004)


The growth of the hostile submarine ability to escape detection and destruction by anti-submarine forces is an increasing concern. The proliferating conventionally-powered (SSK) submarines are pushing the shift of the operational theatres toward naval operations in littoral and coastal areas, where the complex acoustic environment represents a highly opaque operating environment and it is acting as a natural discrimination factor for the serviceability of the existing and future Light Weight Torpedos (LWT) inventory. The operational emphasis toward littoral areas and the need of NATO-interoperable torpedoes capable to be deployed at any corner of the globe resulted in the need to optimise the existing inventory of ASW weapons nowadays for both the engagement of diesel/electric boats in coastal areas and the nuclear-powered ones in the blue waters. This has resulted in several recent torpedo development efforts that often run contrary to the originally adopted torpedo design. On the other hand, the MU90/IMPACT Advanced Multi-role Light Weight Torpedo has been envisaged from the beginning to cope with any-task and any-environment; it is the only NATO-interoperable ASW weapon designed to respond to the multi-threat operational needs of the future.