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Hybrid Warfare Challenges and Responses: Lessons from Ukraine

Call announced
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The crisis in Ukraine since February 2014 sharpened the interest of the expert and policy-making communities to the centuries-old application of combinations of information, psychological, economic and lethal means to achieve war objectives, and points to the importance of electronic media and social networks, separatist forces and irregular volunteers. The I&S Editorial Board announces this call for papers to reflect on the experience in the application of the evolving concept of hybrid warfare and the development of strategies, tools and training methods to counteract attempts at hybrid war.

We welcome original contributions that address:

  • Historical background and predecessors of hybrid armed conflicts and hybrid war
  • Theory of organized and controlled chaos with application to hybrid warfare
  • Hybrid warfare thinking and doctrines
  • Tactical and operational benefits
  • Attractiveness of hybrid warfare while the military budgets are cut off
  • Actors in hybrid war and their roles
  • Signs and forecasting a hybrid threat; OSINT and early warning systems of hybrid threats 
  • New decision supporting systems and crisis management of hybrid threats
  • Psychology of hybrid warfare
  • Trolling Army Forces knocking on your FB-Twit-Flick door 
  • Weaponizing Internet: Methods, techniques and tools of hybrid warfare in social media
  • How to secure cyber space against hybrid war attempts
  • Role of cyber diplomacy in hybrid war 
  • Peacekeeping in hybrid war
  • Tools for minimization of the socio-economic damages to an individual nation and the wider international community
  • Who is the best hybrid warrior
  • Training methods for hybrid warfare

Early submissions are welcome. After peer review and acceptance, each paper is assigned a DOI and published online as open access under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Interested authors may submit their papers after registering in our Submissions Management system. In preparing your paper, please use the template available below and follow the instructions provided in it.

For inquiries, proposals and submissions of book reviews, description of websites and related initiatives please address the I&S Managing Editor, infosec [at]

Important note: It is understood that submitted articles have not been published and are not currently under review for publication elsewhere. Authors must sign a copyright release agreement with the publisher when an article is accepted for publication. Please check also the publisher’s copyright policy.

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