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Interorganizational Cooperation and Coordination in Providing Security

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Information & Security: An International Journal (ISIJ; ISSN 0861-5160, e-ISSN 1314-2119) is an international peer-reviewed journal published since 1998.

Editors: Dr. Philipp H. Fluri (Geneva, Switzerland) and Prof. Iztok Prezelj (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

  • Extended deadline for submission of full text articles: 30 April 2021
  • Expected publication: ISIJ vol. 48, May 2021
    accepted articles will be continuously uploaded on the ISIJ website

Societies in the post-modern world face increasingly complex security challenges, such as pandemics, transnational criminal networks, cyberattacks, terrorist networks, environmental degradation. Many of the contemporary challenges cannot be anticipated and addressed by a single security institution – multidisciplinary and multi-organizational approaches are called for. As a consequence, traditionally hierarchical organized law enforcement, civil protection and other agencies are increasingly cooperating in networks with other governmental institutions, business and societal organizations. This also holds true for increasingly complex operations in peacekeeping and post-conflict peacebuilding.

Practice has shown that the lessons on the need for interorganizational cooperation are continuously being drawn and integrated, as evidenced by a multitude of practical examples. What is still largely extant is academically processed knowledge which, indeed, is indispensable for successfully framing and overcoming existing difficulties of cooperation among different organizations.

To reflect on these challenges and present novel approaches and solutions, ISIJ welcomes original contributions which:

  • Examine the theoretical and conceptual basis for interorganizational and interagency cooperation in providing security;
  • Examine cases of cooperation and coordination at national and transnational/ international levels in any field (e.g., counter-terrorism, fight against crime, critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, disaster management, peace-keeping and building, etc.)
  • Examine the issue from various perspectives, such as policy, legal, organizational, technical/technological and oversight perspectives.
  • Discuss good practices in cooperation and coordination;
  • Discuss challenges and problems among cooperating organizations, and efforts to identify and overcome them;
  • Identify and compare different approaches;
  • Identify and discuss methodologies of interorganizational exercises and simulations;
  • Analyse and discuss interorganizational planning;
  • Discuss technical and technological aspects of sharing data and information across agencies and institutions.
  • Recommend approaches to enhance interorganizational cooperation and coordination.

We welcome original contributions on any and combinations of these subjects.

Only Interested authors are invited to submit their articles via our Submissions Management system, following closely the Instructions for authors and using the template provided below.

Inquiries may be directed to the ISIJ Managing Editor or the Editor of this Special issue

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