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Capture the Flag for Cyber-Resilience Exercising through Cryptographic Puzzles and Collaborative Problem-Solving


A System-of-Systems Approach to Cyber Security and Resilience


Harnessing the Potential of AI Against Covid-19 through the Lens of Cybersecurity: Challenges, Tools, and Techniques


Towards a Robust and Scalable Cyber Range Federation for Sectoral Cyber/Hybrid Exercising: The Red Ranger and ECHO Collaborative Experience


Cyber Red Teaming: Overview of Sly, an Orchestration Tool


Simulation-Based Training with Gamified Components for Augmented Border Protection


Problems of Safety in the Evolving Industrial Environment and the Development of Information Technology: The Human Factor


Cyber Hygiene Issues in the Naval Security Environment


The Hackathons as a First Step to Build Digital Competences


Perspectives in the Design of a Modern Cybersecurity Training Programme: The ECHO Approach


Piloting the ECHO e-Skills and Training Toolkit


Governance Consulting Services and Tools: Governance Model Design for Collaborative Networked Organisations in the Cyber Domain


Governance Consulting Services and Tools: Transition Planning and Implementation for Collaborative Networked Organisations in the Cyber Domain


Governance Mesh Approach for Cybersecurity Ecosystem


An Enhanced Solution for Automated Fire Control Systems


An Approach to Improve Web Video Streaming Security and Prevent Personal Data Leakage


Transformation of UML Design Models of Information Security System into Agent-based Simulation Models


Preserving Privacy of Security Services in the SecaaS Model


Towards Unified European Cyber Incident and Crisis Management Ontology


OSINT on the Dark Web: Child Abuse Material Investigations


ECHO Early Warning System as a Preventive Tool against Cybercrime in the Energy Sector


Enhanced Collaboration for Cyber Security and Resilience


Providing Physical Protection of the Vessel in the Event of an Attack at Sea and Ports


Hypersonic Weapons in Achieving Maritime Superiority


Military Implications of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Tactics and Technologies


Small Countries and Major Global Economic Players – the Nicaraguan Channel


Contemporary Challenges for Bulgaria in the Changing Black Sea Security Environment


The Importance of the 1936 Montreux Convention for the Black Sea Security: A Close Look into Russia-NATO Controversy on the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict in 2022


On Inequalities Bounding Imprecision and Nonspecificity Measures of Uncertainty


On the Effectiveness of Measures of Uncertainty of Basic Belief Assignments


Blockchain in Agriculture


Concepts in Networks and Communication Security and Graph Theory


A Security Approach to a Military Autonomous Platform Path Planning


Augmented Reality in an Enhanced Command and Control Application


RSA Weaknesses Caused by the Specifics of Random Number Generation


Using Cyber Ranges in Cybersecurity Management Educational Programmes


Implementation of Federated Cyber Ranges in Bulgarian Universities: Challenges, Requirements, and Opportunities


A System-of-Systems Approach for the Creation of a Composite Cyber Range for Cyber/Hybrid Exercising


The Role of Information Campaigns and Advertising in the Military Recruitment System


Ethics of Cybersecurity and Biomedical Ethics: Case SHAPES


Planning and Implementing Change in Cyber Security Network Organisations


A Clustering Method for Information Summarization and Modelling a Subject Domain


Network User Behaviour Analysis by Machine Learning Methods


MAIT: Malware Analysis and Intelligence Tool


Host-based Intrusion Detection Using Signature-based and AI-driven Anomaly Detection Methods


Heuristic-based Intrusion Detection Functionality in a Snort Environment


Strategies, Policies, and Standards in the EU Towards a Roadmap for Robust and Trustworthy AI Certification


AI-driven Cybersecurity Solutions, Cyber Ranges for Education & Training, and ICT Applications for Military Purposes


Interorganizational and International Cooperation and Coordination in Providing Security: Current Practice and Lessons Learned


A Hybrid Intrusion Detection with Decision Tree for Feature Selection